BeCiclos maakt adoptie van Nederlandse fietsen mogelijk


Auteur: Joep Welschen

BeCiclos is here to save thousands of voiceless bikes from getting demolished each year. Our goal is to give 500 bike orphans a new home somewhere in Europe.

Adopting a bike orphan is fun and easy to do. All you have to do is back our project and we will be able to start the following process:

1. We’ll rescue a bike for you in Holland. Your orphan bike will receive the appropriate love, and also a new name and an identity.

2. Our expert Dutch bicycle mechanics make your orphan bike like new with overproduced materials. Our mechanics will treat your bike with compassion because they too experienced difficulties reintegrating in society.

3. Your bike is now ready to meet you. We’ll ship her to your door, anywhere in Europe. Before we hand her over we’ll ask you to sign an adoption form and promise to take care of her.

When will I receive my bike?
It will take us a maximum of three weeks to start with the delivering process of your bike from the moment you’ve backed our project. Unlike other crowdfunding projects we don’t wait until we’ve reached our goal until we start delivering. Besides, the orphan bikes have been alone long enough!